Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Big Easy To Forget....

(Cartoon Courtesy of Steve Kelley)

I’m getting exceptionally bored and restless with all the over-hyped, redundant coverage of that passing shower Katrina, so this will be the last time I make reference to it. I was trying to come up with a fitting way to cap off all of the maudlin photo-essays, conspiratorial journalism, and whiny race baiting with a solid, keen-edged slash-to-the-heartstrings article, but it seems that I have been beaten to it.

Even though I know it’s tongue-in-cheek at its finest, I temporarily take back every negative comment I’ve ever made about Jack Shafer, Slate Magazine’s editor-at-large. In today’s issue, he writes a very compelling argument on why the city of New Orleans should not be rebuilt. Read it and don't forget to take notes!

Now here’s the irony: In an attempt by Mr. Shafer at using facts that cast Sin City in a negative light, thereby gaining the emotional support of those who see his article as sarcasm, he has actually done precisely the opposite for anyone who has a room-temperature IQ. We, the logical who walk among you, see New Orleans for the cesspool of barbarism and Girls Gone Wild Videos that it really is.

Regardless of how many images of drowned children or flooded homes we see, the undeniable facts point to the unforgiving truth: New Orleans was a decaying, corrupt, depraved and insignificant city filled with some of the most illiterate, criminal and downright worthless people in civilization before the flooding. All the jazz and catfish couldn’t save the soul of that moral wasteland and there’s absolutely no reason why American tax dollars should do it now either.

Instead, it should remain as an everlasting memorial to the great gods of Entropy and Social Darwinism. A veritable “Eternal Deluge” if you will, standing for all time to commemorate the social cleansing it has performed.

Expendable Mortals.


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