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Apathy For Entropy

It's not that there isn't anything exciting happening in the world; i'm just being lazy. Sure, there are plenty of events taking place that I could and should be commenting on, but I'd much rather while away the time cleaning out my closets or alphabetizing my spices. I guess there comes a time in every deity's life that he must attend to the mundane.

So I'll keep this short, so I can go back to the arduous task of throwing out the Chinese food leftovers that have taken up residence in my refrigerator. Speaking of uninvited guests, it seems that Ariel Sharon's recent stroke was actually a divine punishment from god, according to Pat Robinson, consummate nutcase, er, Christian fundamentalist. In asking around, I discovered that Mr. Sharon's stroke was actually retribution from Poseidon, not Yahweh, for failing to install a low-flow toilet in his college apartment.

Hmm...what else. Oh, right, Howard Stern is finally back on the air on Sirius satellite radio…