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It Could Be, It Might Be, It Is! Holy Cow! Jesus Goes 3 for 4!

I haven't updated in a while, mostly because I've been a) working far too much and b) trying to figure out the direction I'm trying to go with these articles. Sure, I can log on and rant against the stupidities of human nature, but to what end? We all know that humans, by and large, are ridiculous, miserable little creatures and their antics, while sometimes amusing, are mostly pathetic and more often than not disturbing. All the data and statistics in the world are completely superfluous to proving this, as one only needs to read the paper or watch the news to discover what sad little puppets humans are.

Before this starts to sound suspiciously like a LiveJournal post, let me point out that I'm not currently wearing a black trenchcoat or listening to My Chemical Romance. Pasty vegans hunched over the keyboard pounding out "gothic" poetry that continually makes use of the "life"-"knife" rhyme scheme are ruining the "rant against humani…