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The Sword Of Justice Has No Scabbard

White House spokesman Tony Snow said that today is a “good day.” That’s the understatement of the year, Mr. Snow. Today is a magnificent day. You know why? I’ll give you a hint: It involves Saddam Hussein.

Earlier, Saddam was sentenced to death by hanging for his role in the execution of 148 innocent Shiite Muslims in 1982. After a mandatory process in which nine judges examine the trial proceedings, and (hopefully) uphold the verdict, The Butcher of Baghdad will be swinging from the gallows in just one month’s time. He demanded a firing squad carry out the sentence, but I suppose he’s no longer in a position to make such requests.

But that’s not why it’s such a great day.

Iraqis took to the streets, cheering and celebrating that after a quarter of a century, justice has finally been handed down to their oppressive, tyrannical tormentor. One Iraqi citizen was quoted as saying that this is an “unprecedented feeling of happiness…nothing matches it, no festival nor marriage nor birth.”

But t…