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Celebrate Cinco De Mayo By Going Home!

For all those out there who are marching, protesting, and otherwise creating a public nuisance in NY, LA, and various other cities across America, and are not currently of Hispanic heritage (I realize that immigrants come from all countries, but Hispanics make up the largest percentage), let me attempt to crush some of the pervasive myths and arguments surrounding the current immigration debate:

Argument #1: “America is a country of immigrants.”

This is by far the lamest and most insidious argument from the pro-immigration front. By appealing to less-educated people’s emotional (read: not logical) state of mind, this argument attempts to curry favor by ignoring history. Sure, America was built and developed my immigrants, but NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. The immigrants of the early 20th Century, you know, the ones who transformed this country from a dismal swampland of savages, abandoned their home countries with the dream of taking advantage of every opportunity The United States had to off…

Un Dia Sin Inmigrantes

Remember folks, May 1st is "A Day Without Immigrants", sponsored in part by angry Mexicans who believe it is their god-given right to be able to come to America and force TV stations to air more programs featuring giant chickens wrestling scantily-clad models while bow-tied fat men give away toasters, (or whatever the hell Sabado Gigante is supposed to be about), and by guilty white liberal congressmen who want to secure Hispanic votes by selling out their fellow Americans.

So everyone, if you're not beusy contributing to the American economy, do you part on this "Day Without Immigrants." Drop a dime on your local restaurant for hiring illegals to clean out the grease trap. Cut your own damn grass. Forcibly deport your dry cleaner. Burn the Mexican flag with a little salsa and a Dos Equis Dark. Kill and eat a family of grape pickers.

A day without immigrants. That's a start.

More on this later. I have to get to work before my job is replaced by six refugees sa…