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Department of Ed Fail Of The Week

After an “observation” last week by AP Hellhound, she decided that her usual negative write-up wasn’t a sufficient medium in which to display her displeasure with my teaching methodology, and as such, scheduled a meeting with me to discuss the shortcomings of the lesson.In addition to the usual cavalcade of stupidity, she had this to say to me:Hellhound:I was very confused as to what exactly you were doing with the students.Me: You were confused?It was a Writer’s Workshop – the students had written an essay, and I was speaking to them individually in conference.You watched me for over 30 minutes, and even presumably read some of the students’ work over my shoulder.What, exactly, were you confused about?Hellhound:Because I don’t know why you chose to do it.Me:Two reasons: One, because they had just completed a first draft of the essay, and needed guidance on how to proceed, and two, because you told me specifically that I should incorporate Writer’s Workshop into the lessons.Hellhound:…

Your Tax Money At Work, Part I

I was sent to a workshop today, which essentially means I sat in a room for five hours and listened to an overpaid Literacy consultant make a mockery of the educational system. How overpaid? How about $1200. You read that right - the facilitator of today's workshop makes $1200 a day, which pro-rates down to approximately $100 for every ludicrous thing she said. How much of a mockery?Without getting too much into detail, (I've been told I tend to be too verbose in my postings), keep this in mind while reading the exchange we had below.

1) The Facilitator of the workshop has never taught one day in a New York City public school.
2) The Facilitator of the workshop does not possess a New York State teaching certificate.
3) The Facilitator of the workshop is not even from the United States.
4) The Facilitator of the workshop spent five hours telling veteran, NYC schoolteachers that everything they do in the classroom is wrong.

Let me set the scene for you: Twelve English teache…