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October Awaits...

You know what? Fuck the camel-riding hate-mongers and their unbridled, tyrannical acrimony. Fuck their empty threats, their archaic grudges, and every syllable of venom which drips from their uncivilized maws. You can't suppress my feelings of joy, my notion of nationalism, my pride. Not tonight.


Because the Mets just clinched the National League East Division Title with a shutout over the Florida Marlins. For that reason alone I am honored and blessed to be a New Yorker and an American .

It is indeed a glorious evening. Thank you Steve, thank you Jose, thank you Willie.

One more month, and we're gonna party like it's 1986.


Scott said…
A New Yorker who is not a fan of the Yankees? I'm shocked!
Scott said…
I just noticed your world hits. You are quite the multi-national hit. I wonder if people are finding you googling for political rants. You sure know how to dish it.
Valannin said…
They're either googling me for intellectual discussion or "Places to send death threats" Either way, I'm flattered. There's no such thing as bad publicity.

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