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I'm Shocked...Shocked!

I came across this while doing some research for a much longer upcoming article, and felt that I had to at least make a passing reference to it. It must be important because it was right there on Google News’ front page. A member of a “boy band” is homosexual? Wow, watch out Woodward and Bernstein – what a scoop!

The entire country (save for those with IQ's larger than the size of their television screens) was floored by the announcement that Lance Bass, a member of the 1990's semi-successful teeny-bopper musical group “N’Sync” (note the creative, hip spelling), a band akin to Menudo, just lacking in the musical talent department, decided to come out of the closet.

I’m glad that the media is there to keep us apprised of every obvious and insignificant development in the lives of washed-up pseudo-celebrities. Next they’ll be telling us that Michael Jackson likes little boys or Barry Bonds takes steroids, or that Scientology is merely a scam committed to bilking idiots out of their money or that water is wet.

I suppose non-news is good news. It’s not like we’re at war, or Iran is developing nuclear weapons, or millions of illegal aliens are flooding our country, or North Korea engineered long-range missiles, or anything like that. Would you like some bread and circuses to go with your smoke and mirrors?

Stay tuned.


Moni said…
Well, the masses need a little escapism in the form a boy bander being outed.

Ha! I knew it! I knew it! Bass is just too damn smiley, I knew he was hiding something. ;P
Valannin said…
Yeah, hiding the salami...

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