Monday, October 10, 2005

On Whom Is Al Sharpton Going To Blame This One?

Kind of puts everything into perspective. What's more devastating: 20,000 people being crushed to death because a hole opened up in the Earth, or 1,000 drowning because they moved into a city 10 feet below sea level?

I'm just waiting for the inevitable looting. Walmarts in Pakistan carry Heineken and Nike, don't they?

If only John Kerry were president, this would have never have happened!

The fact that so many people are dying due to natural disasters points to one undeniable truth, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Global Warming, Republicans, or Terrorists: There are too many damn people on your planet. As of July 2005, there are 6,446,131,400 of you creatures scurrying around on the third rock, and that number is growing by about 1.14% a year. That means that by the time the shiny ball drops in Times Square, they'll be 73,485,897 more mewling, whining, complaining mouths to feed and minds to brainwash. In ten years, they'll be a billion fresh new souls for your straining planet to take out her wrath out on. Thankfully, we won't need to issue hunting licenses to thin the herd - The ravages of time, nature, and science will do the job nicely.

Tsunamis, AIDS, Hurricanes, Mudslides, Earthquakes, Bird-Flu....

I love the smell of Entropy in the morning....


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