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And In Other News: Water Is Wet

NYC School Chancellor Joel Klein released a statement yesterday in which he defended his pet project, the Charter Schools. In this statement, Klein asserted that:

"Despite the financial handicaps detailed in the IBO study, charter schools in New York City have been exceptionally effective. Charter school students outperform students in district schools by seven points in both reading and math, and, in one of two recent studies establishing the effectiveness of City charters, researchers found that the longer students remain in our charter schools, the higher their achievement is compared to similar students in district schools."

Seriously, Joel? Charter School students outperform the regular district students? Do you think that might have something to do with the fact that Charter Schools recruit and handpick their students based on NYS test scores? Or the fact that students who have failed the NYS Proficiency Tests are NOT ALLOWED to enroll in the 99 charter schools currently in NYC? Or if they do fail they can be kicked out and sent to those "underperforming" district schools? Or how about the fact that students who exhibit behavioral problems are summarily removed from the school and placed back into their zoned district school, allowing the remaining students the opportunity to concentrate on their education without the added distraction of troublemakers, malcontents, and other recalcitrant thugs? Did you willingly overlook those variables?

Or does Joel Klein really think the parents, teachers, and taxpayers of NYC are astonishingly stupid?


Anonymous said…
Really. Teachers - public school teachers – generally suck. Concerned with the "low pay" or other “troubles” associated with your difficult 180 day work year? Yes and unions are obviously the answer to all problems. Keep up the good complaining, erm, work as children are obviously your number 1 concern!
Valannin said…
I wonder if you see the irony in leaving a comment so filled with logical fallacies as well as grammar, syntax and comprehension errors about how "teachers suck."

Bottom line is, your comment serves no purpose other than to perpetuate the fallacious idea that people who are not in the business of education have any business denigrating educators.

Fact of the matter is, a person like you wouldn't last one week in a NYC school. And the union wouldn't come to save you, either.
Anonymous said…
Fact of the matter (or bottom line) is you proved why teachers like you suck. Noone but a teacher may comment here? Fabulous.
Valannin said…
You can comment all you'd like - but as of now, all you've done is make the same inane statement sprinkled with grammar errors. It seems you're incapable of intelligent discourse.

Not to mention that you've made two comments referencing people that "suck." I wonder what Freud would have to say about that.
jakov said…
I wonder how Mr. Klein would perform in the NYS test.

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